002 – Pork Myths and Charpie’s Hatred for Chicken


One week after episode one comes the deuce! Debunking pork myths is what’s grillin’ this week. Plus, Charpie gets hopped up and drops way too many f-bombs in his rant against chicken.

What’s Grillin’? 002 “Pork Myths and Charpie’s Hatred for Chicken” Show Notes:

Joe’s drinking Big Sky Brewing Company’s Scape Goat Pale Ale.

Charpie is drinking Summit Extra Pale Ale.

Charpie christens his Big Green Egg with a tritip.

Joe talks about cooking a whole hog.

The boys chat about BBQ Pitmasters. Charpie discusses his chance to meet Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ who will be a judge on the show. The season premiers Sunday, June 3rd at 9pm Eastern.

Joe discusses the recent pink slime buzz.

Charpie discusses a recent article from Serious Eats at the Food Lab about the best way to grill sausages.

Joe comes across a tweet from Alton Brown about The Next Iron Chef: Redemption beginning filming.

Popular Mechanics releases a review of five electric grills.

What’s Grillin’? main topic: Pork Myths.

Pork myth one: Pork is fatty an unhealthy.

Insert Charpie’s rant and hatred for chicken. He then further derails to talk about comics; namely, Chew.

Pork myth two: Pork needs to be cooked completely through.

Pork myth three: Pork is a white meat.

Joe’s Quick Tip: Add more smoke flavor to your food by making a foil packet of soaked woodchips and throwing it on the grill for a makeshift smoker box.

Bill gets Charpie drunk and takes advantage of him.

Charpie’s Quick Tip: If you’re cooking a lot of pork for a crowd, say tenderloins, you can pre-cook them ahead of time. Make sure to not cook them through, then finish them on the grill right before you’re ready to serve. This is a good way to not feel rushed when you’re having company over. Check out this Island Pork Recipe.

The boys give a nod to Steve Mowry at Marguerite’s Music and the Christopher Gabriel Program. You can listen to Grilling Addiction live every Thursday at 12:20pm on WDAY.

Grilling Addiction gets a shout out from Brian Pattison talking about his love for blackened seasoning.

“I love blackened fish! If you’re looking for an alternative to Joe’s recipe for blackened seasoning, I just use Zatarain’s blackened seasoning. It’s damn good and zero effort! It’s Usually in the meat department, not the spices aisle. Keep it up guys!”

They also get a comment from Diane Bachleitner on Facebook about Charpie biting into a hog.

“That’s the way to do it – face first! :-)”

That’s a wrap!


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