003 – Ribs and Canyon Cream


We’re at it again with episode three! This week, the boys head to Ribfest, so ribs are what’s grillin’!

What’s Grillin’? 003 “Ribs, Planking and Canyon Cream” Show Notes:

The boys try Crow Peak Canyon Cream Ale (Beer Advocate).

Bill’s drinking Crow Peak Pile O’ Dirt Porter (Beer Advocate).

They’ve also got some Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA (Beer Advocate).

Joe talks about Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale (Beer Advocate).

Charpie’s frustrated with the TTB’s ruling on being within .01% accuracy on alcohol by volume labels.

They guys experiment in planking (spinach dip, mac and cheese, garlic, apples, hummus).

Charpie talks about planking some spinach dip. Check out his grilled (not planked) spinach artichoke dip recipe.

Check out Cedar planked potatoes with rosemary.

The guys get new mics – Heil PR40′s.

Joe heads to Rogersville, Tennessee and visits The Pig & Chick (The Yelp).

Charpie watches the season kickoff of BBQ Pitmasters.

Joe discusses an article on red wines for grilling season from the Seattle PI.

If you are in or near Fargo, NDSU will be hosting their BBQ Bootcamp on June 20th.

Grilling Addiction will be talking about grilling outside the box at their local TEDx event.

What’s Grillin’? Ribs.

The boys attend Fargo’s Ribfest.

Grilling Addiction’s 2010 Ribfest round-up.

Joe likes baby back ribs better than spare ribs.

Charpie also likes baby back ribs better.

Joe and Charpie play the rib lover dating game. Which BBQ sauce does Joe prefer: Memphis, Carolina, Kansas City or Texas?

Charpie likes to use mustard has his BBQ vinegar glue.

The boys get a shout out from @iandickmeyer.

Grilling Addiction gets their first batch of spice rub in!

We grilled for the Melissa Sobolik Rockin’ Rally this week.

The official Grilling Addiction butcher: Prime Cut Meats!

Bill doesn’t think Charpie ever cleans his grills.

Charpie buys a Weber Platinum.

Joe’s Quick Tip: Buy yourself some squeeze bottles and freeze your sauces for the future. Just don’t fill them too full.

Charpie’s Quick Tip: Slice onions a good 3/4″ to 1″ thick and run a skewer through all the rings, holding them together, to make an onion lollipop. This way you can grill an onion without it falling apart!

Thanks to Casey Smith for the music!

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