005 – Charcoal and the Naked Whiz


Back together in the studio and charcoal is what’s grillin’!

What’s Grillin’ 005 “Charcoal and the Naked Whiz” Show Notes:

Charpie is happy to be back from San Francisco and is reunited with Joe.

Bill, Charpie, and Joe are drinking Fargo Beer Company’s Summer Wheat and discuss IBUs and summer beers. https://www.facebook.com/TheFargoBrewingCompany or FargoBrewing.com

Bill suggests a refreshment factor rating to go along with IBUs.

Joe shares his affections for Guinness, his dislike of “foofy” beers, and his requirements for refreshing summer beer.

Thumbs up all around for the Fargo Beer’s Summer Wheat.

Joe also recommends Summit Summer Ale as well.

Charpie and Joe tested out some “crowd wowers” over the weekend in prep for their TEDx Fargo talk.

The Grilling Addiction crew did some mad scientist research using cast iron skillets and grill grates.

Charpie promises a post on a the Surf and Turf 10 Minute Tower on the web site.

Joe talks sauces, particularly his Asian BBQ sauce. Hey now, Hoisin sauce comes to the party. In related news, tomato sauce left out of the party cries at home alone.

Charpie planks mac n’ cheese. Nice and smokey with the proper sauce thickness. See pics at our Facebook page.

We wax intellectual on the mac to use in your mac ‘n cheese.

BBQ Pitmasters continues to blow Charpie and Joe’s mind, not in a good way.

Two words: Flavor Profile

Check out Jeffery Steingarten’s The Man Who Ate Everything.

Charpie admits his crush on show contestant, Lee Ann Whippen.

What’s Grillin’ – Charcoal

Charpie breaks down charcoal types.

Joe and Charpie regret giving Bill a soundboard.

The boys testify their love of hardwood lump charcoal.

Charpie found the NakedWhiz.com site. We don’t know how her found it, but evidently is has charcoal reviews. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump

Charpie breaks the new rule and drops and F-bomb.

Charpie gives a shout out to GrateTV.com.

Cowboy vs Big Green Egg charcoal head to head.

Longer burn? Use briquettes. More heat, rock the lump charcoal.

Big Green Egg love continues but Weber still gets a lot of love.

Shout Outs

Carrie C. writes in asking for a good side table as a grill companion. The boys: Weber Side tables are just ok. Joe recommends balancing aesthetics and usability.

Kyomi writes in asking for dessert recipes. Try shortcake or poundcake. Grilled strawberries or pineapple and glaze with some maple syrup or honey and serve with ice cream. Look for savory and sweet combinations for grilling deserts and err to the side of savory.

Grilled Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies. Enough said. Joe? Where is the recipe for this?

Big Wayne Brown BBQ Pitmaster Drinking Game

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