008 – Corn, Crab and Big Gingers


We’re getting back into the weekly grilling grind post Independence Day and talking about a couple of our favorite weekday grilling foods.

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 008 “Corn, Crab and Big Gingers” Show Notes:

No beer!

The boys open with some Big Gingers featuring 2 Gingers Whisky and ginger ale.

2 Gingers was founded by the guy who started Kieran’s Pub, The Liffy and The Local in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area. The Local, interestingly, served more Jameson than any bar in the world.

Charpie insists that Bill looks exactly like the drink.

Charpie makes a terrible brisket on the Big Green Egg.

Joe reinforces that we don’t claim to be experts, but we’re learning.

Charpie requests advice from Big Green Egg owners that cook brisket.

Charpie achieves grilling redemption the next day with Essie’s Chicken Legs, Big Ol’ Mess and Midwestern Street Corn.

Joe takes the week off, stays under the radar and does very little grilling.

Joe’s brother makes some ribs and he’s amazed by his brothers rib rub which has fresh thyme and rosemary.

Joe gives Charpie a time limit to talk about the BBQ Pitmasters finale.

Johnny Trigg, of Smokin’ Triggers’, wins BBQ Pitmasters and Charpie thinks the show was way too predictable.

Bill broke out the old Weber kettle grill for the holiday and lights up some Royal Oak charcoal for cooking brats, pork chops, ribeyes, and tri-tip.

Bill adds a nice chunk of butter to his brat tub.

Bill also busted out a Holland grill to cook up some chicken wings.

Joe describes how the Holland grill as the perfect chicken wing and leg cooker.

If you’ve got a friend that likes to fidget with food, throw them on chicken wing or leg duty because they should be watched if they’re being cooked over direct heat.

Charpie credits Bobby Flay for giving him the tip of listening to your food on the grill in an effort to utilize sound as an indicator for when to flip your food.

What’s Grillin’

We’re getting back into the weekly grill grind.

Charpie’s favorite weekday grilling usually includes corn on the cob.

Charpie does a take on Mexican street corn with his Midwestern Street Corn.

The guys talk about grilling corn in and out of the husk.

Back to the Midwestern Street Corn – Charpie “thirded” up some corn on the cob, hammers a skewer into one end, grills over direct eat and slathered them up with Boursin.

Grilling corn in the husk vs. directly on the grill. In the husk will take longer, gives you less color but provides nice aromatics. Directly on the grill is much faster and provides more color. If you’ve got a lot of stuff going on, utilize the husk to minimize your attention to the corn.

Joe describes why he thinks crab legs are best on the grill.

Crab legs on the grill are easy and don’t make the house smell like seafood.

Quick Tips

Joe: He’s not a huge fan of crab knuckle meat, so he reserves the knuckles and utilizes the meat to make crab cakes on a future date.

Bill thinks crabs are the cockroaches of the sea.

Tangent: Charpie drives back to town from his lake cabin to purchase another brisket in an effort to achieve some sort of brisket redemption. This one turned out better, but not great.

Charpie: Don’t be afraid to re-use left over charcoal. It’s still good! If you’ve got a great set of coals going after you’re done cooking, choke out your fire and reuse those coals next time.

Joe’s tip in a tip: Be careful, charcoal ash can be extremely hot. Don’t throw your ash in a trash can or dumpster until it’s fully cooled at least 6 hours later.

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