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Brennwagen Grills

Brennwagen has been busy manufacturing grills that take design and functionality to an all new level. They support both gas and charcoal, with built in warming trays, extra storage and large tires for easy mobility. The grates and trays are easily removed and dishwasher safe so you can roll extra clean.

010 – Firkin, Feurkin, Chicken

This week we’re talking Fargo Beer Company Summer Wheat, firkin kegs, Chopped Grill Masters, and cooking whole chickens.

009 – Marinades 101

This week we’re discussing the world of marinades. Learn the basic components of a marinade and start making your own while saving money!

008 – Corn, Crab and Big Gingers

We’re getting back into the weekly grilling grind post Independence Day and talking about a couple of our favorite weekday grilling foods.

Midwestern Street Corn

I came up with this corn dish while brainstorming for a simple, low maintenance side dish for my family’s Fourth of July get together. It’s inspired by classic Mexican recipes like Mexican Street Corn, smothered in queso fresco and chili powder, that you’d typically find in a food truck. However, I put a little Midwestern spin it – aka cream cheese.

Midwesterners seem to love every food that’s white: cream, potatos, egg salad, walleye, you name it. So naturally, I figured smothering something in the cream-cheese-esque cheese known as Boursin would do the trick to satisfying my family’s taste buds because to them it doesn’t look “weird.” It’s an easy way to pack extra flavor into something that looks comforting and is by no means intimidating.

Big Ol’ Mess

This recipe is actually inspired by Marlboro’s Fifty from the Trail cookbook. The beauty behind Big Ol’ Mess is that there’s no rules. You can literally make it a thousand different ways to tailor it to your taste. It’s also the easiest, no brainer, low maintenance, beer friendly grillin’ side known to man.

Grill Comb

When I came across the Grill Comb my immediate reaction was, “Oh great, another grilling gimmick,” but after a little thought this skewer alternative might not be as useless as I originally assumed.

How to Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

The Huffington Post just featured a video from CHOW on how to spiral cut your hot dogs. This is a great, fun tip especially when you’re grilling with kids. The same idea works for brats, however, I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a brat’s or sausage’s casing holds in a lot of vital juices.

007 – Crowd Cooking and Avoiding the Cheddar Face

This week the podcast takes place in Bill’s studio as we bang out some Fourth of July tips in time for the holiday!

006 – A Burger Saga Begins

With a heated debate on burger seasoning best practices, the boys only have time to scratch the surface of a meaty topic.