BBQ Boot Camp 2010


This Spring NDSU will be back for the second annual NDSU BBQ BOOT CAMP! Thank you to everyone who helped make the program a success in 2009. Last Summer NDSU was able to reach out to nearly 1000 people in North Dakota! NDSU’s team success helped earn the honor of receiving the 2009 Program of Excellence Award through the NDSU Extension Service.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please come to one of our events or contact NDSU for more information at any time.

NDSU Animal Science faculty are partnering with Food Science faculty and the NDSU Extension Service to hold 8 BBQ BOOT CAMPS from April through September.

The BBQ Boot Camp will introduce people to new cooking methods and practices. The program also will cover topics such as meat cut selection, methods and theories of cooking, food safety and variations in barbecuing practices, such as using rubs, marinades and seasonings. In addition, participants will receive information on current topics in the pork, beef and lamb industries, including research, teaching and Extension activities at NDSU.

“BBQ Boot Camp is a unique opportunity to explain and discuss current topics in the food industry at the grass-roots level, all while having a lot of fun with barbecue,” says David Newman, NDSU Extension swine specialist.

Meat cut selection will emphasize value cuts, which are considered excellent for barbecuing if people use proper cooking methods. Meat selection education also will include information on typical retail cuts.

Food safety education will cover pre-cooking, cooking and post-cooking issues such as proper cooking temperatures and the use of a meat thermometer. Instructors also will analyze the differences among smoking and charcoal cooking methods and help participants understand how the compositional differences in meat animal species, cooking temperatures and humidity affect the success of barbecuing.

The first event will be held April 24th at the Fargodome on campus.

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  1. Rob Lindberg says:

    This looks great! That date doesn’t work personally – is there another date planned or a schedule available?

    • Charpie says:

      There will be events throughout the summer, but this is the first with a solidified date. Stay tuned and we’ll post more as they’re locked in!

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