Episode 017 – Tailgating, Butt Chugging and The Six Inch Flame

The guys talk about tailgating and butt chugging. Yeah, we went there. Let’s see if we can offend everyone in one podcast.

Episode 016 – BBQ Competition Recap

After a couple weeks off, the boys recap their first BBQ competition.

Episode 015 – Grilling vs. BBQing: It’s All Food Ya Dummies

As the guys gear up for their first BBQ competition this Saturday, they find it fitting to discuss the difference between grilling and barbecuing.

Episode 014 – Over the Curse and Labor Day Grilling

We’re getting over the curse of episode thirteen by talking about what’s grilling this Labor Day weekend!

Episode 013 – Grilling Goofs and the Otherwise Unlucky

In honor of episode thirteen, we’ll be talking about unlucky grillers, grilling disasters and the dos and don’ts for safe grilling.

Episode 012 – Brewwwskettaa! … And Other Appetizers

Apps are what’s grillin’! We’re talkin’ appetizer tips and tricks to maximize your parties and reduce your workload.

Episode 011 – The Beef with Kobe

This week we’re all beef as we settle into an increasingly popular debate with the term “kobe beef.” We’ll also be talking wagyu, Chopped Grill Masters and the importance of knowing thy butcher.

Episode 010 – Firkin, Feurkin, Chicken

This week we’re talking Fargo Beer Company Summer Wheat, firkin kegs, Chopped Grill Masters, and cooking whole chickens.

Episode 009 – Marinades 101

This week we’re discussing the world of marinades. Learn the basic components of a marinade and start making your own while saving money!

Episode 008 – Corn, Crab and Big Gingers

We’re getting back into the weekly grilling grind post Independence Day and talking about a couple of our favorite weekday grilling foods.