Episode 007 – Crowd Cooking and Avoiding the Cheddar Face

This week the podcast takes place in Bill’s studio as we bang out some Fourth of July tips in time for the holiday!

Episode 006 – A Burger Saga Begins

With a heated debate on burger seasoning best practices, the boys only have time to scratch the surface of a meaty topic.

Episode 005 – Charcoal and the Naked Whiz

Back together in the studio and charcoal is what’s grillin’!

Episode 004 – Grilling Accessories for Dad

This week Charpie is streaming in from San Francisco while Joe and Bill hold down the fort. We’ll be talking about Fathers’ Day gift ideas for you last minute shoppers!

Episode 003 – Ribs and Canyon Cream

We’re at it again with episode three! This week, the boys head to Ribfest, so ribs are what’s grillin’!

Episode 002 – Pork Myths and Charpie’s Hatred for Chicken

One week after episode one comes the deuce! Debunking pork myths is what’s grillin’ this week. Plus, Charpie gets hopped up and drops way too many f-bombs in his rant against chicken.

Episode 001 – What’s Grillin’

Well, we’ve made a few attempts at a podcast before. Mostly, they were half-assed attempts recorded on iPhones with more beer drinkin’ then grill talkin’. I imagine the beer drinkin’ is not going to slow down too much, but we’ve definitely began a new stride of dedication toward producing a legit audio source for grilling tips, tricks, techniques and recipes.