Joe’s Super Awesome Grilled Asparagus

Joe offers a quick marinade and tips for grilling asparagus!

We whipped up this video specifically for the submission of a 2011 Grill and Chill Grillling Showdown Contest entry.

The Perfect Grilled Steak

Wegmens Food Markets is back at it with another great video installment. They couldn’t have picked any better cuts: tenderloin, strip, ribeye, flank and my personal favorite – tri-tip.

Grilling for a Crowd: Tip 2

Continuing the tips from Wegmans Food Markets, this installment focuses on your tools and equipment. Most great cooks are well prepared and well equipt. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be! My top tips from this video segment are ones I follow on a regular basis…

Grilling for a Crowd: Tip 1

We are in the season of tailgaiting. And it’s a grilling season where your mise en place is at it’s utmost importance. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “mise en place,” it basically means having everything in place. There’s no better time than tailgating to have your stuff in order and be organized so that you’re not fumbling around the grill when you should be concentrating on enjoying fall weather, good friends and good food.

The folks at Wegmans Food Markets have put together a small series of tips regarding cooking for crowds that’s worth checking out!

Grilled Mojo Pork Tenderloin

Here’s another great video from Wegmans Food Markets.

I love how they start by calling out grocery stores that always have parsley next to cilantro in the produce section. Most people can’t tell the difference just by looking, so it’d be nice if they could separate the two by some green onion perhaps.

Weber Grill Master Series (3 of 3): Grilling Mistakes

Sit in on a couple of Jamie and Steven’s grilling catastrophe stories and learn from Steven Raichlen’s “30% Rule.”

30% Rule: Don’t over crowd the grill. Leave 30% of the grill open, with no food, so that you have room to maneuver.

Weber Grill Master Series (2 of 3): Cooking with Live Fire

Check out the second installment of the Weber Grill Master Series: Cooking with Live Fire.

Interesting tidbit from Steven Raichlen: In the “great debate” between gas and charcoal, he chooses wood.

From Jamie Purviance, “People prefer gas because of predictability and consistency, and people prefer charcoal because there is a little bit of a challenge. You know that every day is gonna be different, every fire is gonna be different, but when you get good at that it’s gratifying.”

Weber Grill Master Series (1 of 3): Inspiration

Check out some awesome insight from grill masters Jamie Purviance and Steven Raichlen. See how they got started, what inspired them and what they’ve got in store for future grillin’ enthusiasts. Man, I would love to have a seat next to these guys and pick their brain… and drink beer… a lot of beer.

How to Grill Perfect Chicken

Here’s a few great tips for some of the most basic cooking that all too often goes wrong. Far too many times have I had dry, over-cooked chicken breasts when eating at other people’s houses. The problem; people are freaked out about undercooked chicken. It’s not rocket science, folks. Follow these steps to perfect grilled chicken breast.

Grilling Secrets with BBQ Champion Troy Black

The folks over at Nextpert News have invited us to share some of their latest video featuring Troy Black. Great quick watch for some basic grilling tips… and Sam’s Club plugs, but I’m cool with that. Sam’s does have a good meat department.