Easy Essie’s Chicken Drummies

If you’re craving something finger-lickin’ good that’s perfect for a summertime grill, requires little effort and can feed a crowd of any size then you’ve come to the right place. It just doesn’t get much simpler than Easy Essie’s Chicken Drummies.

The original Essie’s South American Style Sauce was actually developed in Mandan, ND in 1968 by Esther and Barry Davis – owners of the Havana Club that later became the Seven Seas. We’ll dive into a history lesson at a later time, though. The bottom line is Essie’s makes for a fantastic sauce or marinade that’s simple but packs a powerful flavor punch on a completely unique level. It’s not really spicy, nor sweet and it’s not quite barbecue. There’s has a hint of teriyaki along with a salty kick to finish it off and keep you wanting more.

I always keep Essie’s stocked in my pantry because it pairs unbelievably well with almost any protein. I’ve yet to discover all of its glory, but I can sure vouch for beef, pork, shrimp and chicken. If you’re looking for something relaxing to grill up this week, go no further and try out these chicken drummies!


  • 10-14 Chicken Legs
  • 1 Jar of Essie’s South American Style Sauce (better buy two so you’ve got one saved for later!)


  1. Place ingredients in a one gallon resealable bag and allow to marinate over night.
  2. Preheat your grill to high, about 450°.
  3. Place chicken legs over direct heat and sear on all sides. I usually sear for 4-5 minutes before turning. You want to keep the juices rolling around inside the legs, so as soon as you see or feel a good sear, give ‘em a turn. They should lift off the grate easy when they’re ready. Do not force them if they’re not lifting up. Just give ‘em more time. Sear for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Turn the heat down to medium or medium low, about 325-350°. If you’re using charcoal, close up the vents about half way and move your drummies to indirect heat.
  5. Cook until chicken reaches 165° F which will probably be about 20 more minutes. Remember the temperature will raise 7-10° when you take them off the grill. Use a thermometer if you’re not quite sure.
  6. Let rest 10-15 minutes. They will be hot!
  7. Enjoy! See how flippin’ easy that was!

This is quickly becoming a favorite among my friends and family and I’m sure it will be a hit with yours!

Also, as an added bonus, Essie’s sauce is gluten free!


  1. joe says:

    I can vouch for these. Truly amazing!

  2. Bill Burgess says:

    I had to visit a few places in town before I found the marinade… but I can vouch for the recipe, awesome! I even took your advice and bought 2 things of it…so now the question is… what to make with Essie’s next.

  3. Charpie says:

    Hey Bill! Sometimes it’s tough to find. I usually find it in a small rack near the butcher at the supermarket. I rarely see Essie’s alongside the actual marinades and condiments in the aisles.

    Essie’s is great on so many things, but if I had to pick your next item to try it’d be an Essie’s marinated beef tri-tip. Absolutely amazing! Marinate overnight, grill to medium rare, and slice it thin across the grain. Beef literally doesn’t get any better than that in my opinion. I’d take it over filet or ribye any day.

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