Grill Comb

When I came across the Grill Comb my immediate reaction was, “Oh great, another grilling gimmick,” but after a little thought this skewer alternative might not be as useless as I originally assumed.

The idea behind the Grill Comb is to prevent food from spinning on the skewer due to its multiple flat teeth. I don’t always get the spinning skewer syndrome, but when I do, it’s most often with fruit (Most Interesting Man in the World pun unintended). That’s what initially got me rethinking this tool may be worth the $11 to give it a try.

The 12″ “skewers” are made of stainless steel, so they’re dishwasher safe and eliminate the need for soaking like you would with traditional wood or bamboo skewers. That said, you’ll have to be careful when removing from the grill because the metal handle will get pretty hot.

The the Grill Comb from Fusion Brands here.


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