The Armored Tank of Grills

Gourmet grillers pay attention, the Grillery Grill made by Grillworks Inc. offers a restaurant quality, fire breathing monster for your back yard.  Quite simply this grill is, “Bad-Ass!”

A v-channeled grate sits angled above an open wood flame, and an adjustment wheel allows up to sixteen inches of vertical movement.  The v-channel shape along with the tilt of the grate allows for foods natural juices to run into a collection tray, reducing flare-ups, and giving you a great start for a basting liquid or sauce.

The best part of the Grillery is that it is built like a tank.  Grillworks have been hand building these grills in the USA for over 30 years.  It is made out stainless steel, and looks like a commercial grade appliance.  All components, from the grate to the adjusting wheel, are super strong and sturdy.  If you have the cash and are looking for a grill give them a look at


  1. Charpie says:

    Will they have lid options or some way of covering? Could be important. I may have to get my hands on this bad boy. Love the crank!

    • Joe says:

      No lid, this bad boy is for serious grilling not smoking.

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