How to Roast Peppers

Peppers of all sorts are delicious. I think most of us can agree on that point. But what happens when you roast some peppers over an open flame? Sweet and spicy awesomeness! Fire roasting your own peppers is super easy and can quickly elevate any simple dish into something spectacular. From sandwiches to salads, sausages or pastas, if you’ve got a hot grill and some peppers sittin’ in the crisper wondering what to do, then kick it up a notch!

Roasting peppers, whether they are bell peppers or hot peppers, brings out super sweet and distinct flavors that are hidden in their raw state. It requires minimal effort, is actually kind of fun and the process is pretty beautiful, especially over a charcoal grill.

How to Roast Peppers:

  1. Start with some nice, fresh, bright and crisp peppers. They can be peppers of all types. In this case, I’m roasting some red bell peppers and some poblano chile peppers. Be careful if you’re using Scotch Bonnets, though (not recommended for novice pepper roasters)!

  2. Set your grill to medium high and place your peppers over direct heat. No need to oil or add salt and pepper.

  3. Wait until you get a nice black char on the under side of the peppers, then turn them to achieve the same char on all sides.

  4. With a nice char covering the whole pepper, remove them from the grill and immediately place in a paper bag, aluminum foil or a bowl covered with plastic wrap. The peppers will actually begin to steam themselves from the moisture and heat trapped inside.

  5. When they’re cool enough to handle, gently peel away and discard the charred skin. This will reveal the tender flesh inside.

  6. Cut out the stem and slice up your pepper anyway you like! I like to julienne them and throw ‘em on a sandwich or dice them and put ‘em into a salad. You could even puree them into a sauce!

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