Leftover Steak Tacos

If you’re like me, you often get a little over zealous when it comes to grillin’ and you end up cooking way too much food because you’re having a damn good time. Plus, you love practicing your technique, so you throw a couple extra steaks on as you fine tune the skill of the grill.

Never fear. Your protein surplus will not go to waste! It’s not rocket science. It’s tacos.

The other day I grilled up a couple of strips knowing full well that I wasn’t going to eat them that night because, frankly, I’d already made dinner (again, grilling addiction). See them in all their glory.

I knew, however, that I’d figure something out the next day. I didn’t want to simply reheat them, because I’d already cooked them perfectly, hence the practice, and reheating would result in an over cooked steak (a.k.a. anything over medium rare).

Through some pillaging of the office fridge, I came up with some shredded cheese from a recent chili feast and a can of diced green chiles in the pantry. Eureka! Tacos it is! I always have tortillas on hand, by the way. They seem to come in handy.

I sliced up the steaks, tossed them with the cheese and green chiles in aluminum foil and slowly reheated them over a warm bed of coals. Then, I quickly seared the pieces over the hottest part of the grill to get some good marks and char flavor. The result was a ooey-gooey-spicy-delicious leftover masterpiece. I wanted to sink my face into the artery clogging wonder concoction in the name of America… but I didn’t, because the goal here is still tacos.

You can pretty much put the rest together. A tortilla, lightly grilled for about five seconds, some salsa, lettuce, sour cream and you’re on your way to Tex Mex heaven in the time it’d take you to drive to Taco Bell. Only this way, you don’t have to eat heavily seasoned ground puppy kitty meat. Oh snap.

Anyhoot, the goal of this post is not to be the next amazing recipe. It’s to inspire you to think outside the bun.
Oh no I didn’t! Yes, I did.

These steak tacos are nothing spectacular, nor are they impressive in any matter. But, they should at least make you think about those leftovers for a couple extra seconds to see how much further you can push them. How can you make an equally delicious dish, rather a somewhat mediocre, less tantalizing rehash of the night before.

Think about it.

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