Steven Raichlen’s Chili Pepper Roasting Rack

I have an early summer birthday, and being a big “grilling guy” I’m constantly getting different grilling products as gifts. This year didn’t disappoint. I received several high quality grilling themed gifts.

One gift I have used several times is Steven Raichlen’s Chili Pepper Roasting Rack. If you enjoy stuffed jalapeños, you will enjoy making your own with the heavy gauge stainless steel rack and pepper corer.

The pepper corer works great. It takes a lot of work out of making stuffed jalapeños. It used to be consuming and cumbersome to use a paring knife to hollow out jalapeños, but the corer makes quick time of removing seeds and membrane (which carry most of the heat). One thing I will make note of is with larger jalapeños the corer can’t quite get all of the seeds and membrane out. This can make for a pretty hot bite in the very tip of the jalapeño (learned that the hard way).

The roasting rack is quite nice. It is made of a heavy gage stainless steel, not a flimsy thin walled aluminum. It comes in handy when slow roasting peppers on the grill or in the oven. The only knock I have on the rack is it can only roast jalapeños or chilies of similar size. It doesn’t serve multiple purposes. With that aside the rack does solve a problem that before had no solution, so for that I applaud it.

When cooking stuffed jalapenos on the grill, or in the oven, be sure to cook with a low temperature, otherwise you will burn the bottom of the pepper well before the flesh is tender (cook 30 minutes at 250-300° F).

Photo from Sur la Table.


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