Sur La Table Grill Clips

Just spotted these Grill Clips while combing through the plethora of new grill gadgets that seems to be hitting the shelves this summer. These are available exclusively from Sur La Table.

To be honest, they caught my eye because they look kind of cool, but my gut puts these in the “gimmick” category. I’ve not used them yet, but I’ll try them out for a hands on opinion at the very least.

Initially, here’s what I like. They make for a cool presentation. I’d definitely find it pretty neat placing a steel jaw of veggies on someone’s plate. Something about it is unique and kind of fun. Also, it surely seems like it would eliminate some fuss with loose vegetables skirting around your grill grate.

Our handy new clips make it easier than ever to grill individual portions of vegetables. Perfect when cooking for one or the whole family. Great for asparagus, zucchini slices, green onions, and much more. Dishwasher safe. 6¼”L x 1″W x 1½”H. Set of 4 clips. Available exclusively at Sur La Table. For safety, please use a mitt or glove.

From Sur La Table

Here’s what I don’t like. The clips seem rather large, thus putting more space between your food and the grate. The reason why I’m grilling is to produce that “grill flavor.” A component of that flavor comes from the sear created with food coming directly in contact with a hot grate and letting natural sugars caramelize. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve that with the Grill Clips.

Additionally, those steel clips are going to get pretty damn hot, and you could be led into a blistering steel trap. Pun intended. What do I mean? If you serve those clips, full of delicious food like a nice piece of cheddar in a mousetrap, by instinct your guests are going to want to open that clamp immediately to get to their tasty morsels. I can certainly picture more than one person grabbing at the clasp to open the jaw and to their discomfort receiving some hot feedback from their little metal friend. The key will be in finding out if those clips cool down quicker than their edible earthy counterparts.

All that aside, only a hands on experience will offer a true review, so I’ve placed my order and we’ll let you know how it goes.


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