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Quick Fish Tips for Fishing Season

Grill someone a fish and they will eat for day; teach them how to grill fish and they can eat for a lifetime (as long as they can fish, or have a supermarket nearby). Although that isn’t exactly how that proverb goes it does make a great point; I would much rather teach a technique than a recipe.

Marinades 101

Marinades are a super effective way to introduce a ton of flavor to food, but store-bought marinades can be delicious, expensive and full of salt and other fillers. The basics of a marinade can be broken down into three components: acid, oil and flavor.

How to Roast Peppers

Peppers of all sorts are delicious. I think most of us can agree on that point. But what happens when you roast some peppers over an open flame? Sweet and spicy awesomeness! Fire roasting your own peppers is super easy and can quickly elevate any simple dish into something spectacular. From sandwiches to salads, sausages or pastas, if you’ve got a hot grill and some peppers sittin’ in the crisper wondering what to do, then kick it up a notch!

Grilling Secrets with BBQ Champion Troy Black

The folks over at Nextpert News have invited us to share some of their latest video featuring Troy Black. Great quick watch for some basic grilling tips… and Sam’s Club plugs, but I’m cool with that. Sam’s does have a good meat department.