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NDSU BBQ Boot Camp 2012

It’s that time of the year! NDSU BBQ Boot Camp is heating up and ready to ignite June 20th at the Fargodome. Get ya tickets, because seats are limited!

Joe’s Classic Mop Sauce

A mop sauce is intended for basting meat during the grilling or smoking process. It helps by adding moisture, preventing meat from drying out over high heat or long cooking times. This is the most basic and easiest to make and use.

Joe’s Everyday Dry Rub

This is my everyday BBQ dry rub. It goes great with an array of foods (pork, beef, chicken, veggies, etc.). I encourage people to make it their own by tweaking the quantities of the ingredients as well as substituting and/or adding others. Mix up a large batch so that it’s always on hand!

NDSU BBQ Boot Camp 2011 Kick-Off

It is barbecuing time! BBQ Boot Camp will kick off the 2011 season on April 30th after the NDSU Green and Gold football game. The BBQ Boot Camp will take place outside of the Fargodome starting at 3pm.

BBQ Boot Camp is a great way for participants to learn about grilling, barbequing, spices, marinades, rubs, meat nutrition, food safety, meat degrees of doneness, as well as a ton of other great information. To get signed up for this great event or to look at the summer BBQ Boot Camp schedule, visit Seats for this event are limited so sign up today!

The Incredible Edible Rib

With Ribfest behind us, and everyone left jonesing for smoked ribs, how does one make ribs like a pro? It is much easier than you think to slow smoke your way into rib nirvana, and to prove it I am going to share with you some of the things I do when smoking ribs.

Fargo Ribfest 2010 Rib Ratings

It’s time for Ribfest 2010! Fargo welcomes cookers Johnson’s, Cowboy’s, Porky N’ Beans, Rasta Joe’s, Desperado’s, Willingham’s and Aussom Aussie’s to another installment of lip-smackin’ BBQ as we get ready to kick off Summer in the Midwest.

Apple-Jalapeño Baby Back Ribs

A great recipe for something sweet, spicy and savory. A little slaw and some baked beans — you’re golden!

Pulled Pork Eggrolls

Pork shoulder, Boston Butt, Barbecued Crack, call it what you want, but one thing is for sure it is the quintessential definition of barbecue. This recipe offers up a different use for any leftover shredded gold that may remain after you’ve had your fill of pulled pork sandwiches.

Barbecue: Relax, it’s not really French.

Well folks, “grilling season” is upon us! It is the season of barbecue cook-offs and other assorted celebrations that include outdoor roasting of meat. With all this attention to the BBQ, I started wondering; what is the origin of this cooking method and the word itself. I had always thought that both the word and the method had come from a French origin. So I did some digging. Turns out the origin of the word remains a point of debate and (as with many things) the French claim the origin of not only the word itself, but the cooking style.

We’re Off to SXSW!

With the launch of Grilling Addiction, we’re committing to providing you with the best possible grilling resource online. What better way to prove ourselves than kicking off our website in conjunction with this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.