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Quick Fish Tips for Fishing Season

Grill someone a fish and they will eat for day; teach them how to grill fish and they can eat for a lifetime (as long as they can fish, or have a supermarket nearby). Although that isn’t exactly how that proverb goes it does make a great point; I would much rather teach a technique than a recipe.

Joe’s Blackened Fish Tacos, Cilantro Slaw & Jalapeño Sour Cream

These Blackened Fish Tacos are a simple and an impressive dish. I chose to use Grouper because I had it from a fishing trip. Mahi-mahi, walleye or any of your favorite fish would work just fine. That said, I prefer a firm white fish fillet for this recipe. The spicy fish combines with the sweet crunchy slaw and cool refreshing jalapeño cream for a great outdoor summer meal. Kick it up even more with your favorite sweet and spicy salsa.

Blackened Seasoning

Blackened seasoning is an easy way to add great flavor to many types of grilled dishes. I often get asked how to mix up the seasoning. This is a super simple spice blend that I think makes for great results.