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005 – Charcoal and the Naked Whiz

Back together in the studio and charcoal is what’s grillin’!

Apple-Jalapeño Baby Back Ribs

A great recipe for something sweet, spicy and savory. A little slaw and some baked beans — you’re golden!

The Hinged Grill Grate

Ever been in a situation where you need to add more charcoal to your kettle, but you don’t want to set a hot grate of goodies in the grass? Ever had the urge to add some wood chips to the coals, but you’re too afraid your steak will take a spill? Of course you have!

What is Paraffin Wax?

Somewhere in the short history of mankind’s lust for fossil fuels we’ve discovered a milky white substance whose versatility may surprise you. From chocolate to candles, paraffin is proving to have some interesting characteristics.

Leather is Better! (Sorry PETA)

Leather is naturally a good insulator, and therefore a bad conductor of heat. Pair that with good durability and it is easy to justify the extra price you pay for a good set leather grilling mitts.

Be One With Your Inner Caveman

Whether you are a man or woman, grilling allows you to connect to your inner primal being; the caveman that lives deep down inside of all of us.

Once in a while we need to act on some of our primal instincts, and for me the easiest way is to cook on a hot grill. The glowing coals combined with the smoky aroma of seared meat really taps into that inner caveman, but I suggest you take it one step farther and ditch the grate.

Gas or Charcoal?

No matter your choice, gas and charcoal both have advantages and disadvantages. Choose whichever one makes sense to you and your needs. For a casual griller who doesn’t want the mess, labor and smell of a charcoal grill, I’d recommend a good gas grill.

When choosing a gas grill, do not skimp on the size and BTUs if you plan to entertain. If it is for an apartment, single person or small family you can get by with a smaller gas grill.

For a more die-hard grilling fan that enjoys entertaining and doesn’t mind the extra effort, a charcoal grill is a great solution.

The Almighty Charcoal Chimney

If I had to pick one grillin’ tool to stand above all others, the charcoal chimney would reign king, yet I’m still surprised by how many people are a stranger to this simple invention. Perhaps it’s the popularity and ease of gas grills that’s started to detach modern grillers from the tricks of cooking over coal. Well, not this guy. I’ll take coal over propane any day. The flavor is arguable. The fun is not.