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003 – Ribs and Canyon Cream

We’re at it again with episode three! This week, the boys head to Ribfest, so ribs are what’s grillin’!

Cedar Planked Potatoes with Rosemary

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with planking and this recipe is one I knew couldn’t fail. You just can’t go wrong with potatoes, herbs and the fantastic aroma of cedar gently lingering in the background. I used baby klondike potatoes for this, but baby reds or fingerlings like a Russian Banana would also work great. I don’t like them to get too big, because I want to get as many on a plank as possible and I want that cedar to fully penetrate the flesh.

Quick Fish Tips for Fishing Season

Grill someone a fish and they will eat for day; teach them how to grill fish and they can eat for a lifetime (as long as they can fish, or have a supermarket nearby). Although that isn’t exactly how that proverb goes it does make a great point; I would much rather teach a technique than a recipe.

aFire Grilling Planks

Perhaps the human fascination of cooking over an open fire is the result of the sweet, earthy flavor infused into meats, vegetables and fruit from quality, natural wood. Well, aFire is doing the non-lumberjack a favor by providing accessible and flavorful wood planks to meet the needs of anyone addicted to getting the most out of grilling.

Available in 6″x12″ or 6″x7″ rustic hunks, these babies are sure to amaze your next dinner guests and take your favorite grilled delectables somewhere they may have never been. aFire offers planks in Sugar Maple, Northern Cedar, Black Cherry and Golden Alder.

Cedar Planked Salmon with Tarragon Vinaigrette

The art of planking brings easy, yet impressive, techniques to the grill and infuses dynamic and complex flavor components to grilled food. Not only does it add flavor, but grilling on wooden planks allows food to be grilled that would otherwise be difficult to cook on a grate.

A great recipe for beginning “plankers” is Cedar Planked Salmon. This recipe combines minimum prep time, readily available ingredients and a quick cook time to take an already flavorful fish to new heights. Every time we make cedar planked salmon it seems to surprise someone new at how good it really is.