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Coffee Rubbed Steak with Guinness Cream Sauce

For this recipe, you can use either use a flavorful beef ribeye, tritip, NY strip or even a leg of lamb. These protiens are great because they boast a lot of flavor, and hold up well to the bold rub.

Bobby Flay’s Coffee Rub

We’ve recently come across this coffee rub by Bobby Flay and we’ve got to say, it’s pretty amazing. If you’re looking for something a little different that brings both the heat and the sweet, this is your ticket. It’s perfect for protiens with strong flavors like a leg of lamb or beef tri-tip. It also …

Decide Grilling Addiction’s Next Seasoning Line

Grilling Addiction’s Charpie and Joe are looking to you for advice on their first line of spice rubs! We want to know what sort of spice rubs pique your tastebuds’ interest. What would you grill or BBQ with most often? Let your voice be heard! The first line of spice rubs shall be decided by the Grilling Addict Nation!

Joe’s Everyday Dry Rub

This is my everyday BBQ dry rub. It goes great with an array of foods (pork, beef, chicken, veggies, etc.). I encourage people to make it their own by tweaking the quantities of the ingredients as well as substituting and/or adding others. Mix up a large batch so that it’s always on hand!

Brine and Smoke Your Turkey

Smoking, grilling and frying holiday turkeys is growing in popularity each year. These methods offer up a great alternative to oven roasting. Often times oven roasted turkey can be dry and bland, and even when it is done well, it doesn’t offer up much in the flavor department. That’s why this year I will be brining and smoking my turkey.

Apple-Jalapeño Baby Back Ribs

A great recipe for something sweet, spicy and savory. A little slaw and some baked beans — you’re golden!

Jerk Pork Tenderloins with Mango Relish

Jerk rubs are the epitome of layered flavor! They contain a lot of ingredients and pack a multitude of flavor profiles sure to make your tastebuds jump for joy. Bust out the Red Stripe and try this take on livening up some pork tenderloin!

Joe’s Classic Steak Rub

I think steak should be prepared medium to medium-rare and most importantly taste like beef, not seasonings and crazy marinades. The seasoning or rub that is put onto steak should be simple, and reflect the taste that you like without overpowering the flavor of the meat.