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How to Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

The Huffington Post just featured a video from CHOW on how to spiral cut your hot dogs. This is a great, fun tip especially when you’re grilling with kids. The same idea works for brats, however, I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a brat’s or sausage’s casing holds in a lot of vital juices.

Food Safety Tips to Remember While Grilling This Summer

In case ya missed it, we made our television debut this past weekend when our local ABC affiliate contacted us for some food safety tips. Cool grilling tricks would have been a lot more fun, but hey, ya gotta be safe too! Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity to show off our skills.

Quick Fish Tips for Fishing Season

Grill someone a fish and they will eat for day; teach them how to grill fish and they can eat for a lifetime (as long as they can fish, or have a supermarket nearby). Although that isn’t exactly how that proverb goes it does make a great point; I would much rather teach a technique than a recipe.

Valentine’s Day Grilling

Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to set some time aside for someone special. We’re all busy with hectic schedules and often it seems time flies by before we get a chance to stop and smell the brisket. Well, my friends, this is the time.

Some Recent Grill Purchasing Advice

Lately, I’ve been responding to quite a few emails in regard to purchasing grills. It seems perhaps the second grill purchasing season, Fall, has approached. It’s a time when grills are starting to go on sale to start clearing inventory for next year’s models, so keep your eye out for sales and clearance items!

Grilling on Slate with Eric Ripert

I came across this awesomely quick video that’s got amazing tidbits from renowned chef, Eric Ripert. Ripert showcases a unique grilling technique which I’ve yet to try but it’s definitely next on my list – grilling on slate.

Joe’s Super Awesome Grilled Asparagus

Joe offers a quick marinade and tips for grilling asparagus!

We whipped up this video specifically for the submission of a 2011 Grill and Chill Grillling Showdown Contest entry.

Winter Grilling Tips

Well…it’s winter, and that sucks, but there are a few things that can make it more enjoyable. Besides booze and snuggies, add grilling to the list of things to enjoy in winter. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “grilling outside when it’s -10° doesn’t sound like fun,” but with a few tips for cold weather cooking you too can enjoy the hot smoky flavors of July in the middle of winter.

Grilling for a Crowd: Tip 2

Continuing the tips from Wegmans Food Markets, this installment focuses on your tools and equipment. Most great cooks are well prepared and well equipt. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be! My top tips from this video segment are ones I follow on a regular basis…

Grilling for a Crowd: Tip 1

We are in the season of tailgaiting. And it’s a grilling season where your mise en place is at it’s utmost importance. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “mise en place,” it basically means having everything in place. There’s no better time than tailgating to have your stuff in order and be organized so that you’re not fumbling around the grill when you should be concentrating on enjoying fall weather, good friends and good food.

The folks at Wegmans Food Markets have put together a small series of tips regarding cooking for crowds that’s worth checking out!