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Grill Comb

When I came across the Grill Comb my immediate reaction was, “Oh great, another grilling gimmick,” but after a little thought this skewer alternative might not be as useless as I originally assumed.

Sur La Table Grill Clips

Just spotted these Grill Clips while combing through the plethora of new grill gadgets that seems to be hitting the shelves this summer. These are available exclusively from Sur La Table.

004 – Grilling Accessories for Dad

This week Charpie is streaming in from San Francisco while Joe and Bill hold down the fort. We’ll be talking about Fathers’ Day gift ideas for you last minute shoppers!

Steven Raichlen’s Chili Pepper Roasting Rack

If you enjoy stuffed jalapeños, you will enjoy making your own with the heavy gauge stainless steel rack and pepper corer.

Fire Wire Skewers

Fire Wire is a flexible grilling skewer made of food grade stainless steel cable. At first glance, I was more than skeptical. Two skewers come in a package and retail for under ten dollars, so I gave them a shot. It didn’t take long to see some of the benefits.

Checkin’ Out a Weber® Style™ Grill Brush

As I was perusing the newly stocked shelves of the grilling department in my local home and hardware store, I came across a new grill brush by Weber. Now, I’m not sure when the model debuted, but it’s new to me so I found it deserving to delve a little deeper. Approximately $29.99 later and a short drive home, I found myself lighting up a fresh chimney of coals and busting out the Weber® 6448 Style™ Heavy-Duty Grill Brush from its packaging. This is why we call it an addiction.