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Vintage Weber Commercial

This weber commercial is just plain awesome. Nothing like grilling on mushrooms.

How to Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

The Huffington Post just featured a video from CHOW on how to spiral cut your hot dogs. This is a great, fun tip especially when you’re grilling with kids. The same idea works for brats, however, I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a brat’s or sausage’s casing holds in a lot of vital juices.

Food Safety Tips to Remember While Grilling This Summer

In case ya missed it, we made our television debut this past weekend when our local ABC affiliate contacted us for some food safety tips. Cool grilling tricks would have been a lot more fun, but hey, ya gotta be safe too! Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity to show off our skills.


This short film by Joe York profiles Madisonville, Tennessee’s world-renowned bacon and country ham producer Allan Benton.

Steak Grilling 101 with Jamie Purviance

Jamie Purviance, “A grill pan is basically just a skillet with speed bumps.”

Grilling on Slate with Eric Ripert

I came across this awesomely quick video that’s got amazing tidbits from renowned chef, Eric Ripert. Ripert showcases a unique grilling technique which I’ve yet to try but it’s definitely next on my list – grilling on slate.

South American Style Marinated Chicken Legs

For our final submission to the 2011 Better Home and Garden Chill and Grill Grilling Showdown Contest, we offered up our good ol’ standby chicken leg recipe. It’s incredibly easy, incredibly delicious and a great way to kick off spring grilling!

Emeril’s Quick, Easy Grilling Sauce

Just spotted this quick grillin’ sauce by Emeril Lagasse on SiriusXM. I’ve done similar sauces before and this quick thinking by Emeril is a great example of technique over memorization. You can easily learn 10 great recipes, but with 10 great techniques you can make 10,000 recipes without ever having to look them up. Use this great summer sauce for veggies, fish, chicken or whatever you like!

Garlic Tarragon Potatoes

Check out Grilling Addiction’s third submission to Better Home and Garden’s Chill and Grill: Grilling Showdown Contest.

Marinated Beef Tri-Tip

Joe showcases a marinade for beef tri-tip! This another video made specifically for the submission of a 2011 Grill and Chill Grillling Showdown Contest entry.