Valentine’s Day Grilling

Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to set some time aside for someone special. We’re all busy with hectic schedules and often it seems time flies by before we get a chance to stop and smell the brisket. Well, my friends, this is the time. There’s no need to spend high dollars on a meal at a restaurant that deems itself ritzy because it’s overpriced and has dim lighting. I just don’t find anything impressive about making reservations at a fancy restaurant. What is impressive? A perfectly prepared, romantic grilled dinner for two.

I hope you don’t have to drag your grill out of storage in the middle of winter, as grilling is an all season experience, but if you do you’ve picked the right occasion. Just think of the benefits to grilling in this Valentine’s Day.

Less cleanup. Grilling naturally bodes well to producing minimal mess. There ain’t nothing romantic about a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Plus, who wants to spend their quality time cleaning all that up? Best of all, what mess is left can be easily left outdoors, behind the curtain if you will, while you enjoy your evening.

Keeping it fresh and light. Romantic meals should never be rich and heavy. Grilled food is less fatty, maintains more nutrients and generally doesn’t rely on starches, carbs or heavy sauces to carry it through. After all, who wants to feel weighed down when it’s your time to relax and enjoy the evening. Do I need to go further?

Simplicity. Grilling doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t ever be. The beauty of grilling is that it lets the ingredients shine. It maintains their integrity and natural delight. There’s no need for complex French culinary techniques. Using just a few ingredients that you both love let you skip the stress and and achieve success. Knowing and trusting your food brings out a natural passion and glow that your partner won’t help but recognize.

More quality time. One of my favorite things about grilling is the time savings. Remember, grilling is not barbecuing – its brother from another mother. Unlike the low and slow style of BBQ, grilled food cooks quickly. That means less time in the kitchen and more quality time for you and your squeeze. Maximize that time even more by doing all your prep work the day ahead.

So there you have it. Valentine’s Day plans solved. Cancel those reservations, pick up a fresh bag of charcoal, some wine and perhaps a movie. Here’s some quick tips to remember as you’re prepping for a special day.

  • Perhaps your partner has a favorite meal. See if you can translate it to a grill. Just remember, keep it simple and keep it light.
  • Choose ingredients that cook quickly. There’s no need to slave 12 hours over a pork butt.
  • Prepare ahead of time.
  • Make sure you have fuel for the fire (perhaps multiple puns intended)
  • Buy lots of wine, lots.
  • Don’t forget about presentation. We eat with our eyes first.
  • Relax. It’s your time.

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