WDAY 970 AM 90th Anniversary

Hey, folks! If you’re in the Fargo area, come out and join us at WDAY 970 AM’s 90th Anniversary Celebration at the FMCT in Island Park. Joe and Charpie will be there from 4PM-7PM today for a meet and greet. Chris Gabriel, our gracious host on the airwaves every Thursday at 12:20PM, will be joining us and serving hot dogs.

Did you know WDAY is one of the oldest radio stations in the United States? Yup. That’s why their call letters start with a “W” instead of “K.” Originally the United States border for K/W call letters started between New Mexico and Texas, then traveling North, with everything to the West starting with K and everything to the East starting with W.

However, in 1923, the boundary was shifted and became the Mississippi River. Stations that began before the shift were allowed to keep their original call letters — WDAY!

The more you know, y’all.

Source: Early Radio History


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