Checkin’ Out a Weber® Style™ Grill Brush

As I was perusing the newly stocked shelves of the grilling department in my local home and hardware store, I came across a new grill brush by Weber. Now, I’m not sure when the model debuted, but it’s new to me so I found it deserving to delve a little deeper. Approximately $29.99 later and a short drive home, I found myself lighting up a fresh chimney of coals and busting out the Weber® 6448 Style™ Heavy-Duty Grill Brush from its packaging. This is why we call it an addiction.

The first thing I noticed was its balance. It was far different from your typical sub $10 wooden grill brush with nearly uniform weight from tip to bristle and a center of gravity smack in the middle of the brush. Nay. The stainless steel handle remains light and tapers from a comfortable circumference at the top to nearly flat on the brush end which holsters a heavily weighted plastic block with stainless steel bristles. Probably 80% of its weight is on the brush side giving it a center of gravity that puts leverage on your side. This proves nice when wanting to give your grate a quick, one-handed scrub with minimal effort, especially on light-weight grills that tend to move around a bit when you’re scraping ‘em down.

Now, let’s say you really want to go after some tough stuff on your grate. You bust out the standard two handed position and prepare to manhandle a built up BBQ char from yesterday’s smoke fest. To your delight, you notice something else about this brush. It actually has a second rubber grip for your non-dominate hand. That’s not the best part, though. Weber actually put in the thought to turn up the nose at the bottom of this grip, curling it around the outside of your palm, so it essentially grips you back.

Yay! A prize! The third thing I noticed, or overlooked in my giddiness at the hardware store, was that this brush actually comes with two removable heads: the attached stainless steel bristles and a scouring pad. Neato. The heads easily slide out with the press of a metal tab near the base of the brush. Presto bango and your flipping between bristles and the scouring pad which will typically be used to scrub down a cold grill (do not use the pad on a hot grate!). Ok, excitement aside, I will most likely never use the scouring pad. I’ve never needed one up to this point and don’t know why I’d bother now, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Maybe. For the hefty price tag on this brush, I would’ve much rather seen Weber include an extra set of bristles and left the scouring pad to 3M’s Scotch-Brite.

So, here’s the good news. I absolutely love the balance of the brush, and it looks freaking sexy like the rest of the Weber Style line of grilling tools. There are few lines of grilling tools that look amazing and do great getting the job done well. This is definitely one of them. Also, the additional rubber grip is pretty handy. I think I may find it hard to go back to one without.

The bad news… I like the idea of removable heads. Weber does offer the ability to purchase additional stainless steel bristle and scouring pad units, but at $10.99 I can nearly purchase two standard wooden brushes. I’m also going to wait and see how the plastic block holding the bristles stands up to high heat. I’ve never had good luck with plastic grill brushes. The last thing I want to see is plastic melting onto my grate that I’m supposed to be cleaning off.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on your grill brush, I’d give it a shot. It’s definitely far better than brushes I’m typically used to. We’ll see if perhaps its price proves it stands the test of time.


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