001 – What’s Grillin’


Well, we’ve made a few attempts at a podcast before. Mostly, they were half-assed attempts recorded on iPhones with more beer drinkin’ then grill talkin’. I imagine the beer drinkin’ is not going to slow down too much, but we’ve definitely began a new stride of dedication toward producing a legit audio source for grilling tips, tricks, techniques and recipes.

In an effort to keep us on pace, we’ve added a producer to our crew. Bill Lempe, of Lempe Creative Consulting, will be running the boards, cords and mics all while giving us a swift kick in the butt every week to get recording.

We don’t know where it’s going to take us. We do know it will be fun, and we can only hope you stick with us for a good ride. The shows are going to start off a little bumpy, but perfecting our format, voiceovers, bumpers and whatever else is something we’ll do along the way. We don’t want to keep people waiting and we certainly don’t want to develop a format without listener input.

For now, we’ll offer the show as an MP3 on the site until we eventually get on iTunes within the next couple weeks.

Here we go!

What’s Grillin’? 001 “Fish Talk” Show Notes:

Joe and Charpie talk about how Grilling Addiction began with the first Grill-A-Thon. Check out a few pics from past Grill-A-Thons!

Charpie started learning how to grill on charcoal with a matambre (aka the hunger killer). Here’s a great matambre recipe.

Charpie gets interviewed by the Forum about grilling pizza. Check out some of Grilling Addiction’s pizza advice.

Joe buys a Charbroil for the office. We’ll see how that went next week!

Charpie and Joe both buy Big Green Eggs.

What’s Grillin’? fish grillin’ tips and techniques. Grilling Addiction’s fish articles. Check out Joe’s blackened recipe!

The boys briefly chat about the difference between the line of Weber charcoal grills thanks to a tweet from @hoppedupbrewer.

@BBQing gave us a shout out with their fish tank Big Green Egg!

There’s a brief chat about buying a grill. Here’s a related Grilling Addiction post.

Charpie drinks a Tallgrass IPA.

Charpie’s Quick Tip: Marinate asparagus in citrus for a brighter flavor. Check out our video for Super Awesome Grilled Asparagus!

Joe’s Quick Tip: Let steaks reach room temperature before you grill them. Also, season, especially with salt, about 20 minutes ahead of time. Don’t overcook you’re meat!

That’s a wrap!

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