009 – Marinades 101


This week we’re discussing the world of marinades. Learn the basic components of a marinade and start making your own while saving money!

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 009 “Marinades 101” Show Notes:

The boys have a special spectating guest, Brooks West. Check out his music.

Joe’s drinking a Deschutes Inversion IPA (Beer Advocate).

Charpie’s got a Red Hook Copperhook (Beer Advocate).

Bill is drinking a Milagro Blanco with Suaza Margarita Mix – also known as the White Man’s Milagro.

Joe had to make a Big Ol’ Mess this past weekend and talks about how it’s a great way to clean out your refrigerator.

Charpie cooks up some shrimp and discusses the various shrimp sizes.

Joe finds a video on how to make a beer milkshake and talks about how dads always seem to love ice cream.

Charpie loves Guinness floats.

Charpie reminds everyone that the Grilling themed season of Chopped starts this Sunday.

Joe and Charpie discuss how they’re always annoyed with food shows demonstrating grilling indoors on grill pans.

Bill’s beer goggles prevent him from appropriately using the soundboard and admits he doesn’t understand what the “man van” or “swagger wagon” is.

Charpie finds an immersion circulator on Kickstarter (Nomiku) and discusses the process of sous vide cooking.

What’s Grillin’

Marinades 101. Check out our post on marinades from the past.

Marinades are three basic parts: Acid, Oil, Flavor.

Some people include salt as a fourth part: Salt, Oil, Flavor, Acid (SOFA).

Marinades don’t technically tenderize, however they may provide a tenderizing effect toward the surface of what’s being marinated.

Marinades that are highly acidic can actually toughen proteins if the two are in contact for too long.

Marinades that are highly enzymatic will actually turn your protein to mush – perhaps even liquify if left for an excessive amount of time.

Is estrangeler a word? Brooks says yes.

How far do marinades penetrate? Not far. Keep marinades to small, thin cuts. You’ll probably only achieve penetration up to about 1/8th of an inch.

You shouldn’t need to marinate anything for more than 24 hours.

Don’t forget about using dairy products in your marinades!

Joe Riley discusses adding your flavors to the marinated.

Good acids: Soy Sauce, Mirin, Balsamic Vinegar, Sherry Vinegar.

The boys don’t recommend using a used marinade as a sauce, even if it’s boiled.

Joe’s even marinated corn before. Charpie is baffled.

Quick Tips

Joe: Utilize zip top bags for marinating, because you can throw the whole thing when you’re done.

Brooks can’t figure out how many hours are in a day.

Bill is drunk and laying on a beach towel.

Charpie: Avoid reactive containers like aluminum and copper because acids will bring the metal flavor into your food.

Charpie discusses how reactive bowls can actually benefit some situations, however, not marinating.

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The guys get contacted to be a part of the first ND BBQ Championship.

Charpie ends the show with a Summit IPA (Beer Advocate).

Joe nursed one beer the entire time.

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