011 – The Beef with Kobe


This week we’re all beef as we settle into an increasingly popular debate with the term “kobe beef.” We’ll also be talking wagyu, Chopped Grill Masters and the importance of knowing thy butcher.

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 011 “The Beef with Kobe” Show Notes:

We’re still drinkin’ Fargo Beer Company Summer Wheat.

The heat gets to Joe, who then decides to partake in some 1800 Coconut Tequila. He approves.

Charpie feels odd that he was out behind the cabin grilling mushrooms and is suspicious when Joe and his brother ask him to come in for a shot.

One of Charpie’s favorite summertime drinks is the Cucular Caley – available at HoDo Lounge in Fargo. It’s a cool cucumber-y take on a long island tea.

Joe and Charpie partake in some Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout (Beer Advocate).

What’s Happenin’

Chopped Grill Masters airs episode two. The guys think it’s getting a little better, but they’re dumbfounded by the idea of garnishing a plate with raw prawn heads.

 Joe applies to Chopped.

$6,000 just ain’t enough to start a restaurant. It is, however, enough to take Charpie and Bill out for a couple drinks.

Charpie tries to link a conspiracy between chef jacket sizes and Chopped contendors.

Joe and Charpie talk of a face off between each other on Chopped.

Charpie lives in a crack house of which no bums have pooped in.

Joe and Charpie get to try some Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila Anejo.

Tangent – Bordello of Blood

What’s Grillin’

Beef is what’s grillin’ this week.

Develop and cherish a relationship with your local butcher.

Joe Riley shares his story of purchasing prime bone-in ribeyes.

Joe likes his meat about an inch and a half thick (Audio).

Of all US beef, just 2% is graded as Prime.

Choice beef is what you’d typically find at a supermarket.

Ask your butcher questions! They’re there to help!

Tangent – Joe talks a bit about prochettas. Charpie wonders about a beefetta.

Bill visits Brothers Meat & Seafood in Minnesota.

The guys can’t go to the butcher shop without buying beef sticks.

Charpie buys some 45 day dry aged bone-in prime ribeyes and cooks them over the Big Green Egg.

Thanks to Prime Cut Meats in Fargo for the great beef!

Joe talks a bit about Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef’s fat is actually much better for you than other breeds of cattle.

Joe debunks wagyu myths.

Japananese kobe beef is not available in the United States. Technically, Japanese beef is illegal in the United States, so unless you’ve been to Japan, you haven’t actually ever had real kobe beef.

Charpie continues to debunk some kobe beef myths.

Quick Tips

Joe: Finish your steaks with a nice compound butter. Mix up some garlic, herbs and slightly softened butter the day before. Reform a nice log in some wax paper and refrigerate until the butter hardens again. Add to your steak when you pull it off to rest.

Charpie: Don’t be afraid to flip your steak more than once. The theory that a steak should only be flipped once is ludicrous. Instead, wait until you’ve got a good sear and the steak easily releases from the grate. This typically takes about two minutes. If you’re going for cross hatches, make your 45° turn on the third flip. For example: sear two minutes, flip and sear another two minutes, then flip and rotate to form the crosshatch across the original sear — at this point you’re probably going to be at about medium rare, so you can make one more flip if you’re going after medium.

Shout Outs

@JohnKipp asks, “@grillingaddicts Have you guys used the Weber Smoker? I’m looking for a decent, affordable option.”

Yes, Joe and I both use the Weber Smoky Mountain smokers quite a bit and they’re a blast. They offer great charcoal flavor, easy maintenance, and will last a long time.

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