012 – Brewwwskettaa! … And Other Appetizers


Apps are what’s grillin’! We’re talkin’ appetizer tips and tricks to maximize your parties and reduce your workload.

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 012 “Brewwwskettaa! … And Other Appetizers” Show Notes:

Debate whether or not there is a “small bass.”

Always have a bass in the band.

Try to keep it quick, but it won’t happen.

Guys are drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Can Conditioned) Scored 91 on Beer Advocate.

JR likes big cans.

Everyone seems to drink cans faster than bottles.

What’s Happenin’

Chopped Grill Masters: Grill Grrrl grills some oysters, gets chopped.

Charpie would get annihilated cooking oysters.

Guys agree there is no bias against women and grilling, and most likely no need for a movement to empower women to get out there and grill.

Joe baked a lot in high school (cupcakes that is). Yeah, sure.

Guys were routing for Grill Grrl, and hoped she would represent the “grill blogging world.”

Neither Joe nor Charpie saw the end.

Charpie has too much Giada on his DVR.

Bill likes how Giada describes food. Translation, Bill likes Giada’s boobs.

Everyone is annoyed by her Italian pronunciation. Brewwskhetta!

ErdySouth asked us a live Ustream question as to who Grill Grrrl is.

We want Grill Grrrl to come to Fargo, or we are going to force an invite to Florida.

We would love to interview Grill Grrrl about Chopped and what goes on behind the scenes.

Charpie bought a cook book, Grillhouse: Gastropub at HomeAmazon One Click got the best of him. $18

Bill bought an Aero Press as part of his John Gruber method.

Joe and Charpie were put in charge of organizing their 10 year reunion, and they have been really busy with that.

Joe assumes most people to organize high school reunions are no fun.

Both underestimated the amount of work it would be.

Bill accidentally hit a sound affect that sounded like a plane flying through the studio.

Joe and Charpie decided to do appetizers for their party rather than a sit down dinner.

What’s Grillin’

Appetizers are what’s grillin’.

Appetizers are good for parties because it gets people walking around, mingling, they’re lighter, they can talk about the food, or use it as an excuse to get out of a conversation.

Stuff an app in your mouth and walk away.

Apps are better than a sit down dinner because you have the opportunity to talk to everyone.

One of Charpie’s favorite apps is boursin stuffed baby sweet peppers (one of our most popular posts).

Joe’s advice to people planning an app party is to mix your menu with easy to make and labor intensive apps.

One of joe’s favorites is grilled wontons. You really need to watch wontons on the grill.

Have a stoner grill your wontons.

BBQ Pulled pork egg rolls in Asian BBQ Sauce

Charpie gives a general appetizer grilling tip, “Mise en place. In other words, have your shit together.”

Have everything prepped before guests show up.

Need to assemble labor intensive appetizers a head of time.

A good labor intensive appetizer is prosciutto wrapped shrimp with basil.

They take forever to prep, but are gone in two minutes.

Smoked tomato bruschetta (Charpie loves). Very easy.

Smoke whole tomatoes with the skin on, takes ~20 minutes.

After dicing tomatoes, let them hang out in a colander for excess liquid to drain.

Tons of apps out there can benefit from grilled crostini, pita chips, tortillas, wonton skins, flat breads, pizza dough, etc.

Charpie has fun grilling a large batch of pitta chips :/ “It’s fun to be a man with a beer in your hand and grill pita chips.” Whatever, dude.

Don’t just wrap stuff in bacon.

Bacon wrapped asparagus can suck because they don’t cook at the same time.

Quick Tips

Joe’s Quick Tip: thin your bacon using the back of you knife.

Tip in a tip, cooking bacon on the grill works better with thin bacon.

Charpie wonders if he could lengthen other things using the same technique.

Great for wrapping little spitfires.

Joe, “If you push to hard, you’re just gonna rip it.”

Idea: Run bacon through a pasta roller.

Wrapping asparagus and other veggies with thin bacon can protect the veggies from high direct heat

Everyone says, “Give it the back of your knife.”

Charpie talks about grilled spinach and artichoke dip with grilled pita chips.

Charpie’s quick tip: Utilize appetizers that are low in maintenance. Spinach dip, fondue, cedar planked nachos, etc.

Bill suggests carrot sticks; doesn’t go over too well.

Your party will be a disaster if you choose to only serve labor intensive apps. You need a good mix of both easy and labor intensive apps.

Cedar plank your nachos. They be good! (Joe’s favorite easy appetizer)

Bill says don’t do wings, because it is gross to have sticky fingers as well as watching people eat wings.

No one wants to watch anyone eat wings, and no one wants to look at chicken bones laying around.

Bill won’t do wings, but he will do wangs.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Wendy Gabriel at www.mygreenside.org – we were featured as the website pick of the week. Follow @mygreenside on Twitter.

She loves Joe’s pizza and Charpie’s potatoes.

ErdySouth had a botched trans-gender operation

Bill really wants to try Joe’s pizza.

Good shout out gives both Joe and Charpie validation from Bob Estrin regarding the podcast, “Excellent. Accurate.” He is a producer of Fullblood Waygu cattle at Lone Mountain Ranch. Check them out!

Joe and Charpie have inspired Bill and his family to try new things on the grill.

Joe and Charpie are nerds who text each other photos of the food they are cooking/eating.

We plan to do a whole show on grilling breakfast. Talking to you, Alyssa.

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