016 – BBQ Competition Recap


After a couple weeks off, the boys recap their first BBQ competition.

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 016 “BBQ Competition Recap” Show Notes:

It’s been awhile since we’ve been in studio.

Joe is pointing at people, because he’s in charge.

Charpie’s drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bear Advocate).

Charpie had Acme California Pale Ale (Beer Advocate) over the weekend.

Joe is drinking Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout (Beer Advocate).

Bill always drinks Guinness (Beer Advocate).

Joe has heard Sam Adams Octoberfest isn’t very good.

Fargo Beer Company’s Oktoberfest is available!

Bill doesn’t really like Oktoberfest beers.

“What’s drinking” is becoming a phrase.

We have an interview with Jason Gillum (Bells Brewery rep) coming out soon.

The guys are planning to make a pilgrimage to Bell’s Brewery.

Charpie thinks Jason is really attractive. Charpie adds to show notes to let the record show that everyone thinks Jason is too attractive of a man to represent beer.

Bill ran into Jason at The Toasted Frog in Bismarck, ND.

Charpie and Joe are planning their first grilling trailer.

Bill is still in meat coma after sampling all the test BBQ and competition BBQ Joe and Charpie have been working on.

What’s Grillin’

The guys compete in their first BBQ completion.

Joe doesn’t think BBQ should be put on a pedestal.

Is Joe crazy for thinking there is a clash between BBQers and Grillers?

The guys agree the BBQ competition was really fun.

The guys were late to the competition (as usual).

Everyone learns BBQ competition rules are more like guidelines.

All the people at the competition were extremely fun and nice.

The organizers (the Newman brothers) took 3rd in ribs at Memphis in May.

We all worked a full day then set up on Friday.

It was the inaugural ND BBQ Championship, although the organizers kept saying, “1st annual.”

Charpie got his meat inspected.

Practicing, Joe and Charpie tried every single combination of BBQ possibilities.

Joe and Charpie confirm the more simple you treat good quality ingredients the better they turn out.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Bill wonders if brining turkey works because you use the whole animal.

Guys are going to test whether brining a turkey is really the way to go (Thanksgiving show?).

Friday night everyone at the competition was super fun.

Lots of people prepping food, having fires, and drinking beer.

Rubbin’ the trim, after the meat inspection.

We bought new chairs and head lamps.

Head lamps proved to be our saviors.

Charpie’s tip for life; get a head lamp.

The booze began to give the guys a false sense of confidence around 2:00am.

Being late we ended up with a spot next to the porta potties (which worked out nicely).

Fired the smokers at 2:15am (Weber Smoky Mountain smokers).

Then we walked around the parking lot drinking for a few hours.

3:00-4:00am in the middle of the city, drinking beer, and smoking meat. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Good drinks, good food, good people.

Charpie watched Joe fall asleep.

Joe finally retreated to his truck as the temp dropped (5:00am).

7:00 Ole begs Joe to get in his truck to sleep.

35° Fahrenheit at 5:00am to 88° at 12:00pm.

Charpie slept in his trunk, then came to Joe’s truck to warm up.

3 grown men in Joe’s pickup trying to sleep. Truck finally got started.

Pork butts went on at 3:00am.

Chicken was the first turn in.

Each of the three guys on our team was the captain for one of the categories.

Joe – made good chicken, not great.

99pts out of 120pts on chicken.

4 points kept us out of 2nd place overall.

Ole was the captain for pork shoulder (butt).

Charpie made a vinegar based sauce for the pork butt over a chimney with hot coals.

Joe made a blueberry BBQ sauce for the ribs and chicken.

Pork was good.

Charpie was captain on the ribs, and they were the best we have ever made.

100pts out of 120pts on ribs.

Blueberry BBQ sauce seemed to be the thing that set our ribs apart from any others we’ve made.

Pull a rib every 15min to test for tenderness and texture.

Everyone at the competition turned in really good food.

We took 6th overall, and we think we could be in the money next year.

Joe’s Dad wants ribs for tailgating this coming weekend.

Quick Tips

Joe: Use your prep time wisely.

Charpie: Label your stations/utensils for raw and for cooked.

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  1. Ben Myhre says:

    Thank you for the mention! Also… I am a little jealous you guys are making a trip to the Bell’s brewery. Hopslam alone makes Bells one of the greatest breweries today. Just had one the other night. Hopslam is not the easiest beer to find in September.

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