017 – Tailgating, Butt Chugging and The Six Inch Flame


The guys talk about tailgating and butt chugging. Yeah, we went there. Let’s see if we can offend everyone in one podcast.

What’s Grillin’ Podcast 017 “Tailgating, Butt Chugging and The Six Inch Flame” Show Notes:

Charpie likes Bill’s “ginger thighs.”

There is some debate as to whether this is episode 17 or 18. We’ll go with 17.

Guys have been busy with catering gigs and working on other ventures.

What’s Drinkin’

Avery Brewing Co. – IPA out of Boulder, CO (very good). (Beer Advocate)

The guys realize how far it is from India to England thanks to the Avery Brewing label.

Lagunitas IPA. (Beer Advocate). Great IPA, everyone has had it before and loves it.

Charpie explains the differences between Indian curries and English curries.

Charpie likes beer, all beer.

Neither the Lagunitas nor the Avery IPA is overly hoppy.

Joe goes through Oktoberfest beers including some from Fargo Beer Company, Summit, Sam Adam’s, and Bell’s, and doesn’t think he likes any of them.

Bill and Charpie agree.

Charpie has Kasteel Rouge (Beer Advocate), a Belgian beer infused with some kind of berry. It was super crisp and light like a desert beer. Charpie loved it. They were spendy, though, 4 pack for $25.

Joe and Charpie did the Summit beer tour at the Hotel Donaldson: 5 different Summit Beers for $25. You get a cool limited edition glass made from Summit beer bottles.

Bill can’t get past Jason Gillum’s (Bell’s Beer rep) good looks.

Charpie was drunk on Saturday (again).

What’s Grillin’


Football is in full swing.

Charpie just says random team names when people talk football to sound knowledgeable.

Going into a college game you need to get a good buzz on before you head in. That way you stay good and drunk for the whole game.

Tips for sneaking booze into a college event.

In the North Country you need to account for cold weather when you’re tailgating.

Joe and Charpie had a tailgating gig this last weekend.

They prepped as much as they could beforehand, so they could have plenty of fresh hot food ready to go.

Get to your tailgating spot early, and get set up right away.

Joe and Charpie were heckled as they wondered through the parking lot attempting to find their spot.

A lot of people burn brats.

Charpie attempts to come to the rescue and help some college girls fire up their grill that they attempted to start with wood chips.

They brought a charcoal grill and no charcoal. They attempted to start a fire with napkins and sticks.

You can cook over burning wood, but not burning leaves.

Bill accurately describes the girls were wearing sweat pants, Uggs and had an ugly key lanyard.

The guys go off on a tangent voicing their disgust for college kids with stupid lanyards.

Joe proclaims to save money. Everyone should skip college.

Bill also hates long skateboards, Charpie likes them, and Joe thinks people who ride them probably butt chug Franzia.

Joe explains butt chugging to Charpie.

Bill explains the use of enema kits; Charpie thinks a skull shaped beer bong would work better for butt chugging.

Next week for What’s Drinkin’ Joe will taste all beers through his ass.

Paraffin cubes are awesome.

Bill’s nickname in college was “The 6” Flame.”

Joe and Charpie brought a Weber Genesis and a Weber Performer to feed 50 people.

A gas grill is convenient to have when tailgating.

Be sure to pack up all your stuff before you head into the game unless there is security in the parking lot.

Don’t show up to tailgating with a full ash pan. Bring a metal bucket.

Remember to have plenty of propane if you are using a propane grill.

Have two propane bottles on hand at all time, and remember to fill the empty one when it runs out.

The guys chose menu items for tailgating that weren’t too labor intensive the day of the event.

Menu: 6 gallons of chili, 72 South American Chicken Legs, and 90 Brat and Potato Skewers with several sauces.

Charpie uses several thermometers when grilling. In one pocket he keeps the thermometers that have touched undercooked meat, and the other pocket has thermometers for fully cooked items.

Bill flips steaks with his hands.

Use smoked brats as opposed to raw brats so there was no chance of cross contamination.

Joe finally found the best method for grilling a crispy potato.

If you don’t have to used raw meat while tailgating, then don’t even bother with it.

Alton brown goes a bit overboard with food safety, so do Joe and Charpie.

Bill breaks into “the tong song.”

Essy’s South American Sauce is a great chicken leg marinade

Red Klondike potatoes are the best. Suck it Russet.

Bill has issues drinking and pouring his beer and describes how his family enjoys pizza and boiled potatoes.

Bill can’t keep potatoes and butt chugging off his mind.

Joe reprimands Bill for not doing his job.

Charpie’s high school nickname, “Quick Tip,” and Joe’s, “Two Shakes and a Shiver.”

They don’t call him “Charpie” for nothing.

Quick Tips

Charpie: When tailgating, pick up some vinyl gloves.

Joe and Charpie tell Bill to shut up because he ruins everything.

Use gloves when handling raw meat while tailgating.

Joe wonders where Bill gets some of his questions after he asks, “Where do you get your gloves, a drug store?”

Charpie likes vinyl gloves vs. latex. You rub it out better in vinyl!

Bill doesn’t want to talk about condoms, but he does want to bring the show to a screeching halt.

Joe: Par cook everything you can, so you can enjoy tailgating more and prepping food less.

Bill and Charpie are annoying and laugh in the middle of Joe’s quick tip for no reason. Joe tries to vent through the show notes, but doesn’t realize Charpie has editing capabilities.

Soak potatoes before cooking to reduce some of the excess starch.

Go with chicken legs vs. wings. “You can eat them with your hand without feeling like a turd.”

Shout Outs

@jfrost (Josh Frost) “Good to see @grillingaddicts will be doing work in the NDSU parking lot tomorrow morning #Homecoming #GoBison”

@spacygirl (Danielle Erdmann) “awesome weekend in DC. heading home on #Delta and listening to @grillingaddicts newest-LOVE it! wish i had been at the fargo bbq competition”


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